Friday, July 18, 2008


That they may all be one, as You, Father,
are in me and I in You,
that they also may be in us
…that they may be brought
to perfection
as one.
John 17:21-22

This passage, viewed within a mindframe of seperateness from God seems a mere aspiration, requiring some depth of growth and action on our part, a kind of hoping on Jesus' part that we might "get it".

This passage viewed from within the realization of simultaneous unity and seperateness between ourselves and GOD , of the seperatness and unity of all matter and the void between all matter, offers a desire for us to remember the unity of ourselves with all others, and the uniqueness of our individual selves that blinds us from recognizing and understanding the holiness of that unity. We are being called to remember.

Invite the Word to re-remember itself within each cell of your being, with intention, and desire.
There, does it not find its place, its home?
Create more of these rememberings, more peptid dockings filled with Wisdom and Love. Creating a neural network stronger in Widsom and Love, and Perfection.
One by one, as one, brought to perfection.

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