Sunday, July 13, 2008


Greg and I became God-parents - Madrina and Padrino - to a lovely little 3 year old girl....whose name is Grace.

The invitation came as a complete surprise.. a request from a dear woman whom I have spent lovely hours with in a Women's Spiritual Direction group. Grace also was given a cultural god-mother who is from her country of birth, Guatemala. Grace's brother was baptised today as well, and there was a wonderful mix of N. American and Guatemalan faces present for the celebration, filing the day with lovely accents, Midwestern, both northern and southeast MI style, Eastern US, and Guatemalan. I am humbled with the gift to us of the invitation to support Grace in her spiritual growth.. throughout her life.

Within St. Ignatius's "The Spiritual Exercises", David Fleming ends his translation of the Principal and Foundation [23] with "I want and I choose what better leads to God's deepening life in me." This is a prayer of mine. Today the desire brought a gift. ..the gift of Grace..Grace Patricia Helene.

Such a simple request to ponder. What would better lead to God's deepening? How could we have imagined to ask for a little girl to pray for and support on the journey before her, and at this time in our lives?

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