Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the land that holds us : or Behind The Barn

 I remember back of the barn in the sunlight,
feel the breath beaten back by the heat,
and spaces within open,
hollow to its own sacred sound.

Even at six it can happen.
gift given, no practice
simple grace,
Knowing you are not alone
and enough right now
along with the grass and the corn
and the sky that pulls the top of your
head about off.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

shine like the sun

Working with people who are facing death, moving through their death and standing witness to this next to the people who loved them, or struggled with them, and who are left without them in their lives reminds me each time of this certain question. "If I knew I was dying today, how would I love differently?" Not  a looking back kind of "how would I have loved differently".. but a present form of "How would  I love differently right now and moving ahead?" On the day of death all else fades but love..  and why not now? 
  IT is an asking kind of  prayer of immediacy.  Yearning prayer.. to be transformed deeper. .. to the point that nothing stands in the way.  Deepest compassion enter in.  Welcome to your new home. Help me out with the "house" cleaning. It must shine like the sun.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One word of salt...

If I had one word to speak
alone, it would be a cry
not a word,
a shriek of joy
and a hoot of owl

that speaks
to you and all
that I love,
with thanks.

How do you stick with my
impatient heart?
like glue made from
flour, and water, and
salt of the earth?
or of  mud
or tentworms on a burning bush,
hidden, waiting, indestructible?
Prayer stretched worship
pulled our hearts
tight to its hoop,
and stitched us
back again
into ourselves in You.