Monday, July 28, 2008

So after many years of putting old coffee grounds into my pots of Impatience on the back deck, the Racoons have decided it would be yummy to eat them... mixed with the dirt in the pots. Turn over each pot, dig out all flowers, eat dirt. A good nights work.

Tonight while putting everything back onto the front porch after painting the floor ( well almost finishing painting the floor) a pot of Impatience cracked while in my hand and, yup it all came tumbling out.

I enjoyed the repotting. hands in the dirt tending the shocked stems and buds. The day I pot all of the flowers is one of my favorite. And, now I got to do it all over again. Plus the ravens called out from the woods, and I could hear the stream down the hill, and the sidewalk was cool in the hot sun. It all sounds a bit syrupy sweet, I know.. But that is what it was.
And, I am grateful for the upheaval.

Last week the neighbor kids made a path down the back hill and cleared out a space to make Cocoa, our new puppy, a campsite. They cut down 15 little trees without asking, but then they are all under the age of 8.. so they didn't have a clue. And, while they could have been hurt, as the trees were slender but very tall....and it really is amazing what a 5 year old can do with a hack saw and some determination..they weren't. And, even though I wish they had not cut down the trees, I was down there today and it is pretty interesting little site. I think I may put a bench on it.I have always wanted one down the hill, and now it is clear where it should be.
Gratitude for the unexpected ..but as I can hear the Racoons screaming at each other down in the woods, I hope they remember they already cleaned out the coffee grounds.


gigirose said...

Such a great attitude, as always. Reminds me to stop, breathe, and contemplate before I react.... I've been trying to work on that lately, but it is very hard for someone who tends to snap, and then later realize that if i had reacted differently it woudl have cast the whole situation in a different light.

Lisa said...

great post!