Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the end of summer

It feels and looks like the beginning of the end of summer here in northern Michigan.  91 yesterday, 51 tonight. The season transition is a bit behind my finally touching ground on the greet leap of faith.
I feel like I have finally moved out of the transition time of the past three years. ..maybe more like 7. 
All paths led to this moment, this work, these options.  It is a slow process, but God is good and gracious.. and knows what He/She wants next for this one wild life.

Always ask how much more deeply you can be used for good in the world.
Always keep praying for more compassion. The opportunities to birth deeper love will be provided.
( noone is saying they won't squeeze and hurt, and it probably has alot to do with being shown where you are still hard of heart. But trust in the Grace that will be provided). 
To bring forth a deeper kindness in others, offer them kindness from your own deep well.  Visit your well daily and fill it from the bubbling spring that is always at prayer within you.

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