Thursday, July 29, 2010

Start out slow..

"Start out slow, and then taper off." (Anne Lamott, Operating Instructions)

Now that's a motto to listen, learn, and live by. 

Praying in earnest for answers?
                Put it out there, slow it down, taper off on your own inner voice.
Sitting with a friend  or child who is in need?
               Keep your own needs and answers on the back burner, ready to serve them up only if truly helpful for that person and not for your own need to be heard or to have an answer. Taper your own thoughts back and further back still., until you begin to hear the voice of God.

Facing an anxious situation? Slow it down... your voice, walk, thought.  Don't rush ahead of Grace.

Get it off your chest .. to God..
Be sure of your intentions.  Does it build up the Body of Christ? Or Is it a reflection of your own need for control, affection, or esteem?  
Then face your answer, ask for your own healing, not the other persons.
For, what bothers us in others needs attention in ourselves....
 until we can forgive and love and hold with compassion the needs and even the hurtful words of others.

That tight and angry feeling may be the tight squeeze of God pointing us towards our own troubled core that He wants to love and heal.
May God show you and me the blindspots that lead us to think we are already there.


Patty "Wilson" P said...

Just stumped onto your blog and wanted to say hello from a fellow spiritual director

LAURA!!! said...

this is very nice and needed. something that i think I could and should read as a daily reminder.

Think I'll print it and put it with my morning prayer book.