Sunday, November 15, 2009


With the advent of hunting season we have changed our walking habits. We took the TART trail back in towards town from the DeYoung Farm of the Leelanau Conservancy. No chance of hunters, or at least less chance of a stray bullet.
It was a still cold November evening, with just a few stray souls out finishing their walk, hurrying to get back to their cars before total blackness, as the moon is hidden from view yet. Good to be on a different path, even walks can get into a rut, and we did not have to divert the dogs attention from walking past the field she always demands we step into to thrown the ball. She trotted along just as happy to be seeing and smelling something new as we were.
Noses cold and alert
Minds open
Hearts at peace
Quite the trio of new possibilities.

Repentence ~ turning away from, but also towards.... a new heart, a heart of love for self and other. Equal needs there.

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