Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Risking Exposure

The asparagus fern I have not brought in yet is filled with colorful leaves. It looks like someone with long hair rolled in a pile of leaves. It will take a bit of brushing with fingers to untangle them.
Asparagus ferns have those little sharp spines that cut and poke. For all the beauty of this sight, there will be a bit of pain involved in removing the leaves.

We can leave ourselves out in the elements of life, where we might get tangled and scratched; the adornment of living fully engaged with others. Or, we can move inside, believing we can keep change from touching us, stepping away from others to what feels safe and warm, and apparently constant.
Let me be adorned
with your scarlet,
leaves of change,
risking exposure.

I'll come in when You
are good and ready.
when the street lights
come on.

Fully scraped
and ruddy cheeked,
rushing to your embrace.

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