Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Truth filled moment

What do you feel inside today? A stirring, a dryness, an empty well? Perhaps a stone cold slab of fear or hunger?
Or are you standing in a rush of richness and joy?
All remain an invitation.

Can you stand in this moment with simple awareness, or thankfulness?

Joan Chitester, in her book of reflections upon the Psalms suggests, "Whatever has been, has been best for me; and for that I am always grateful."
Can you adjust your sight, your heart, to the emergence of even the possibility of 'always' grateful?

Offer a not so grateful experience to silence, with a desire to understand. Allow the space for understanding to emerge. This space is Hope..
Imagine a vessel, or even a hole in the ground, within which the gift may be placed.. and wait. It will come, and this is God's Love for you.
Bless the emotions of your own heart and mind that remain.. this choice is difficult dear one. This choice is your choice of Love.

1 comment:

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

I love the imagery and exercise you've shared here. Very powerful, indeed. Thank you for the beautiful invitation to "be well with what is." Such an apt reminder when it feels, on any given day, that nothing is happening the way we want it. You remind us that it's possible to take the higher road. Thank you for that.

All Love,