Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanks for the visit

We had such a ball in St. Louis. Thanksgiving was filled with eating pumpkin pie for breakfast, a hike around the area of the Arch, discovering a parade, and Mimosa's, and that was all before noon.

After a scrumptious turkey dinner that day.. ( second year Adam has taken the role of turkey and gravy King, and he is disserving of the title..see first pic.. it is amazingly browned.. he turns the whole turkey four times I believe)
We spent the next day at the Art Museum, the Zoo, and a bit of nighlife at a bowling alley and Irish pub. The next day brought a stop at a great Italian market in the "Hill" neighborhood, a Lebanese lunch and a bit of shopping , followed with wine and a super Italian dinner. I think I missed a day in there.. I know we did some napping and just shooting the bull, maybe that was one whole day. teehee

After a hair raising drive home ( for Greg.. as I slept most of the 12 hours for some reason) we were in bed by 8:30.

Thanks for the memories Gigi,Adam, Sarah. we love you.

mom and dad

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