Tuesday, June 3, 2008

what life is like with a puppy... we forgot

We are not getting a whole lot accomplished around here with the new puppy demanding constant attention. If I was as attentive to and cognizant of God in my life as I am the puppy I would most likely have had a complete communion with the Spirit. :)

It gets easier everyday... but we still have an eagle eye on her ( or Cooper's Hawk eye), most moments.

Patience is the key attribute. Patience with the puppy. Patience with our remembering how to train a puppy.

Patience with wondering why the desires of my heart surrounding my work are taking a slow path that must include recognizing there is more to learn about myself before the manifestation of the Spirit's answer.

God is as active and present in our lives as the puppy is in our life, and our response to her. If we forget to listen to the yip that means "I need to go out." we end up with a mess, and a missed opportunity to praise her.

When we move away or turn away into ourselves instead of praising God for already being present in our situation, it can lead to dissapointment, discouragement.

Have patience with self and the situation at hand.
Turn back to praise for the expected good that awaits.

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