Saturday, May 24, 2008

raptors, puppy, and awe

We began the day in the yard.. with the puppy floating around us, until the repetitive cry of a Cooper's Hawk caught our attention. It seems it had designs on the new puppy, which is VERY little and it squirms around much like a rodent at times. It was a bit awe inspiring to look up at the hawk, and to hold the little dear 2 lb. Cocoa.

I say fear as in what the term fear can refer to when Scripture invites or inspires us to "fear the Lord". We are actually being reminded to be in "awe" of God.. Awe stemming from and growing out of the immense, unfathomable mystery of God; the power and glory of what we can only see and know dimly.

The puppy has brought such Joy into the house, and I am in awe at the beauty of the gift of this joy. We are filled with her energy. It is a simple, joyful energy that transcends mystery and becomes present within us.

The raptors intense ability to swoop down onto our puppy, and at 150 miles an hour, is unfathomable, and yet I could feel that power in its rasping cry overhead, incessant and piercing. It was energy transcending the air between us. And, that was a God moment, because we felt the presence of the mystery of nature within.

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