Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Truth and the Anchor

My son in law, Adam Allington, leaves for Iraq today, to be embedded with an army unit out of St.Louis, MO. He is a journalist, with NPR, and he wants to report on the experience, the reality, the Truth, for these soldiers. He will only be gone for two weeks, but somehow that does not aleviate our fear for his safety. The need and importance of this Truth that he will tell through his stories will be the sharp clear point that carries us through this scary time.

Adam's family and friends are of course praying for his safe return. Our prayer is the glue that will hold us together, binding us to the love we share with each other and to God's love for us. Our fear is what reminds us of the need for such binding. Our hope is in the grace we receive through this time. It is the hope that is the "anchor of our soul." Hebrews 6:17–20

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