Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Well now, I really don't need another thing in my life that is niggling at the back of my mind to attend to.. so if you have checked here for words of mine...they will happen occasionally, when the mood strikes..

Between work and getting things done ahead of time at work for my not being at work for three weeks next month,... plus the housework I never seem to get to.. I decided not to make this another thing on the to do list, but to savor it much like that kind of time I see on the horizon near the end of a school year when I can sit and read to my hearts content. ..ahhhh

So the three weeks off thing: Surgery on the 29th... one week to become human again after anesthesia... and then a week to figure out if I feel somewhat normal as a female human with change in thyroid function ( too reminiscent of post hysterectomy time, which continues to this day) But, adventure awaits.. and days off from work.. yea...

Time to finish my application for completing Doctorate... time to contemplate and pray about the project.. Time to empty and be filled. Time to clean a closet maybe?

Time to re-member who I am when not working. Work is not who I am, but meaningful work offers the opportunity for who I am to surface. It is just that work at this time offers little of that powerful opportunity for self expression, and more of a time to see sides of myself that need attending. Thank you St. Ignatius for the instruction in noticing. Thank you Spirit for the nudges... Ask to be shown and stripped bare, and there you go.... it is right in front of me.

I remember that after my hysterectomy I actually lost the line between my eyes. (line= wrinkle)
When I was on silent retreat for six days the line faded....
THE LINE.. daily reminder of still holding on to control. so, I asked to be humbled, ask to be softened, but the line says there is more to be discovered on that road.

Sit today or tonight with the Spirit that is already at prayer within you.
Soften your heart to hear its prayer for you.


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