Sunday, February 28, 2010

March like a small lion

    Not sure if a light snow and a bit of freezing drizzle counts for coming in like a Lion, so I guess I would say it is coming in as a small playful lion cub, or a wily and beligerent lamb.
   The air feels softer and the snow is mushy, and that means we are out of the dead of winter. Spring is still a long way off.
   Lent is alot like what's happening under ground right about this time of the year. Bulbs are swelling, and straining for the warmth of Feb. light. The ground begins to warm just a bit.. All that can be in Easter is present and potential during Lent..  A participant at a retreat presentation I made yesterday reminded us all that if you push away the snow this time of year you will find actual green.  Those daring Poppy's in particular.    Too soon.. but ever hopeful. 
   Take a bit of time to check on what's happening deep in your heart. Examine your thoughts and intentions, your temptations and dreams, and let the Holy Spirit give you a glimpse of the party to be, and accept the invitation to make ready.

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