Sunday, June 28, 2009

all clear for landing

Somehow, in the middle of my work for the ISD ending, and finishing the Doctorate, and moving into an abyss between old and new; a yet to be clear next phase of life- I lost all gumption to post anything. I would open it up and ..."Yup.. still nothing to say."

It appears the abyss or empty space between the two cliffs..( what took up day to day hours of employment options yet unfolding) created a bit of empty mind.. A grace of quiet.

I took it at face value, decided not to force it .. and .. well, here I am again.

Today I thought I could see a bit of moss hanging off of the fast approaching lip of the cliff. Landing field in sight. Then I could begin to feel my toes touching the tips of blades of tall grass waving at me in the strong off shore breeze.


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