Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Long time no post...

Patience and peace prevail over the changes in employment... gentle grace holds forth in the complete opposite of the weather we have been having.. and the patches of snow still on the ground.. April 14 !
The afternoon brought 50 degrees and a breeze that spoke of spring. I raked some of the yard, took a hike, and pondered the recent night vision/dream:
Turtle greets me (being held by someone) with its underbelly exposed.. legs outsplayed. A trusting and open posture.
Behing this, Bear stands upright with paws in same outstretched form... at the mouth of the cave.

That was it.. nothing more.. but it offers so much for these times of change. Relaxed, waiting, trusting, with new birth from the womb of Wisdom , yet to be.

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