Monday, February 16, 2009

when is it spring?

When do you decide Spring has arrived? At the 45th parallel you can choose to believe it has begun even before the last horific winter storm, or two. "It's still light out, and it's 6 p.m.!" Or, 'I smelled a skunk this morning."

Sun slants not quite so sharply on the way to work now, with a bead on movin north again.

"The air feels balmy today. It's 26 degrees. "

I remember from growing up downstate Spring came in and simply stayed put. Flowers came up, maybe even in Feb. It grew steadily into itself. Up here, it takes a series of little steps, like stepping into the water at the lake a bit too early in the day, but by mid day you can walk right in. It will take a number of approximations of Spring to bring us to a day when we walk out the door into a settled spring.

Of course we either then have Spring that lasts until July, or Summer heats up in April.

Give and take, slow and steady; cold or balmy, we are not in control, let it come. It all belongs.

Winter storm is on its way...

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