Sunday, October 12, 2008

Merlin - swan song

We were just sitting down to dinner when a loud whomp against the side of the house or the upstairs window caught our attention. As I looked outside a large bird fell into the lawn chair, flapped its wings a couple times and then lay still. Upon investigation we first thought is was a small hawk, but after a bit of research we found it was a Merlin, a small falcon. They dart in quick flight to catch small birds.. and that's when it met its Waterloo.... It was a beautiful bird.. its sweet small head lay twisted. It must have been a swift demise.. and for that only am I grateful.

I received a cool book of bird songs recently which contains each of about 300 bird's songs. The Merlin is listed and we played its call to honor its passing.
I had a sense of angels already singing over it... not even a sparrow is missed... and we added its song to the chorus.
No.. I did not take a picture of it.. Our science consultant at work asked me that right off.. or if I had put it into the freezer.

It appears the bird it was chasing got away....

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