Sunday, September 21, 2008

just start

Just have to start writing..
after long hiatus.. thinking of bringing blog to a quiet end.. but decide its usefulness to my own right brain trigger is worth hangin' on to.

  • weddding was glorious, elegant, and relaxed ..all at the same time. newlyweds look married ..somehow its makes a difference, I swear they came back from the honeymoon looking different, relaxed into their new roles as husband and wife. sweetness personified.
  • my left eye has gotten much worse.. losing vision, less light entering, vision distorted, aches all the time..accept, notice, move on, notice, accept, hey the right eye works fine, mourn, move on.. repeat

Note from my neighborhood this day: Community redefined itself today, with urgent need; and found one another linked beyond what we thought we had defended and created together, before this moment. Grace within fear, Love within the possible horrid moment of loss. Relief with finding what was missing. It is a good and right thing to know of the goodness within those who are living out their lives behind the walls and doors only feet away from where we sleep with arms thrown out from our covers.

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Lisa said...

Aunt Rose, your words move me. I hope your eye gets better. You see more with your heart than your eyes, I can tell, far more than most.