Friday, May 9, 2008


I had a friend comment on a recent decision of mine, and shift within me, in terms of it being a surrender; in all of the positive sense a surrender can offer. A kind of stepping over the abyss to the other side when all had been worked within me by the Spirit to a readiness for change.

It is with hindsight, taken in mid flight across the abyss or at ones landing on the other side, that one can realize how Wisdom spoke and moved and had her being within the experience. And how faithful the Spirit is to itself to work towards good for those who love.

I could not choose a surrender of this nature. This type of surrender comes when the messages from the world speak loud and clear enough for me to 'get it" and push me to let go of what is holding back, while at the same time the gentle, soft action of the Spirit brings new options and even transforms emotions and attachments into a cloud that floats away.

"Give up beloved, and turn your life over to Him." But it seems the giving up partners with the workings of the universe, and then, when all is ready, the heart hears and understands what has been given.

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its as if you have written for me in this past month as well. Your writing is so beautiful and resonates with me.