Tuesday, March 25, 2008

spring, cycles, and true self..

A snowstorm came blowin' through this morning. Big, fat flakes building up quickly. Winter is struggling to keep a hold on things, laying down its stuff all desperate and white, while at the same time the temperature keeps rising and that same stuff is melting underneath itself.

Makes me think of our busy-ness layed down over what is inevitable and already present. The Resurrection triumphs over our last ditch effort to stay on top, or to be in that gloomy "winter will never end" mood.

We are no different than the rest of nature. For new life we need the cycle of seeming to die, moving down into dormancy, struggling up to rebirth, and the short but marvelous summer of fullness presenting itself in thanksgiving.
The Spirit continues to invite us, day to day, year to year, to notice our false self layed down like snow over the heart; and then, with honesty and enough patience to not rush ahead of grace, we can hope to allow another piece of our truest self to grow into being.

May you seek or be found this spring by a new sense of your true self. May you, with patience, allow grace to work with your nature. Today I can be thankful for it all... because it really is melting out there.

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