Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The invitation of Light...

Maybe it is because the sun is finally shining, or because I remembered that to be self-focused is to be moving away from the presence of the Spirit... but I seem to have moved out of a really sad portion of grieving over Maggie (Sheltie) dieing. Of course not spending an hour a night looking at YouTube videos of cute sheltie puppies helps the Affect too.

Was I becoming a bit too self focused or was it the natural process of grief?
Not allowing it to be grief was control.
God desires for us to be open to see and experience with His eyes, which is with the heart....to allow ourselves to be open to seeing a situation in a different way.. but in His time..
Light draws us out of ourselves.
Seeing with new eyes and a new heart is God's gift given ... but only when I could or was ready to take the focus off of myself.

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